Xaira Documentation Page


Ah yes.

Well, for the beginner, we can recommend:
The following technical documentation is available:
  • Formal documentation of the Xairo (Xaira Object Model) interface and the Xaira server is maintained along with the release in the form of a Doxygen file distributed with it. You can also browse A recent HTML snapshot extracted from this file defines all objects and methods which the server provides to a Xaira client.
  • Indexing with Xaira describes the intended behaviour of the indexer, in particular how it interfaces with the TEI Header. Last updated November 2003.
  • Information on how to localize the Windows client using the XAIRA XRT tool is available from http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/rts/xaira/I18N/
  • Networking a XAIRA corpus gives simple instructions for sharing any XAIRA corpus across a network using the Windows client.
Now superceded, but still on this site are the following:
  • An informal introduction to XXQ outlines the syntax of a proposed Xaira XML Query language. Last updated May 2006. Sadly, unimplemented.
  • Reference Manual for the Windows Client: alternative presentation of material now included in the online helpfile: no longer maintained or reliable.
  • draft tutorial on Partitions, which is what Xara calls subcorpora
  • An even older SARA introductory tutorial Guy and I wrote which steps through many features which Xara has inherited from Sara (and also, confusingly, some that it hasn't).
  • The Sara Protocol version 1.06 documents the SARA protocol. Last updated June 2002, and thus now completely out of date, except for section 6 which documents SARA script, ‘an object-oriented extension of Javascript that allows access to the Sara lexicon and solution mechanism’, which is also available in Xaira.