Project Team

Mike Fraser, Co-sponsor

Dr Michael Fraser is Head of Infrastructure Systems and Services at OUCS and Technical Coordinator for the Student Systems Replacement Programme.
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Melissa Highton, Co-sponsor

Melissa is head of the Learning Technologies Group at OUCS and has institutional responsibility for e-learning strategy, learning technologies research, podcasting, the institution-wide VLE, and IT skills training.
About Melissa

Mark Norman

Mark is the acting project manager for the Integration of WebLearn and Nexus project. He is the Oxford Nexus Service Manager.
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Alexis O'Connor

Alexis is the principal developer on the project. Alexis is part of the Oxford Nexus Team and previously worked as a developer with the WebLearn Team.

Adam Marshall

Adam is the service manager for the WebLearn service.

Howard Noble

Howard is a Project Manager and user requirements specialist within OUCS.

Matthew Buckett

Matthew is a Senior VLE Developer on the WebLearn service.

Gina Pollard

Gina is a member of OUCS and provides administrative support to this and other projects and services