Aims and Objectives

The Groupware Programme Development Panel's consultations with peer universities and feedback from both WebLearn and Nexus user groups have revealed a pressing need for the integration of Nexus and WebLearn services to provide a unified solution that fuses collaborative research and academic work together. Moreover, the WebLearn Users Group and the Groupware Programme Development Panel have also recommended a system that allows users to easily transfer data from one to the other and manage any overlapping or shared functionality.

Thus the multi-folded objectives of the project are to:

By means of meeting these objectives, the project also aims to educate users on how these two systems can be used together most productively as part of teaching, learning and research. Moreover, while addressing the University-wide requirement to integrate Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint (including popular clients, such as Outlook) with WebLearn, an open-sourced VLE, the project also wishes to inform the wider sector of academic institutions that are in the pursuit of similar aims.