WebLearn - Nexus Integration Project

Nexus is the University's 'groupware' solution that provides several communication services such as e-mail, calendars, task and document management, and workflow solutions through SharePoint. On the other hand, WebLearn, University's popular learning 'environment', offers many a tool for better teaching and learning, for e.g. it serves as a repository of course-related material, provides assessment and plagiarism-detection mechanisms, and offers discussion forums and blogs. As WebLearn is used for teaching and learning, Nexus is utilised for cross-team collaboration and process automation. At present these two environments sit side-by-side, serving different communities for different purposes. However, there is an apparent need for a groupware-backed pedagogical environment, for a streamlined and automated document management system, and for a unified communication and scheduling system. The WebLearn-Nexus Integration Project, thus, attempts at addressing these needs by bringing in and combining the best of the both worlds. In this attempt, the project also provides opportunities for informing the end-users of the benefits these two systems offer.

Project Scope

While addressing the pressing need for integrating both WebLearn and Nexus environments, this 21-month long project's primary scope is to investigate and gather requirements for possible integration of the key features. Implemented in three phases, the project's scope involves:

The project thus explores each of the pre-defined areas to develop use cases; identifies the quick wins, scopes the more detailed technical work required; implements and evaluates pilot solutions; and ultimately offers improved services to users, both staff and students.

Strands of the Project

Applying an agile methodology, the project implements an iterative approach in integrating several services of WebLearn and Nexus. These services and the integration aimed for are as follows: