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This page is intended to give a summary of the capabilities of existing e-Learning tools in the areas of reporting and tracking.


Each of these relate to reports that can be generated with respect to specified start and end dates.

  • Summary of Activity: overview of how much resources are accessed and when.
  • Tool Usage: most frequently used tool types, e.g. assessments, discussions.
  • Component Usage: most frequently used tool instances, e.g. quiz #01.
  • Entry Page / Tool: page / tool used most frequently as the entry point to a course.
  • Exit Page / Tool: page / tool used most frequently as the exit point from a course.
  • Content File Usage: most frequently viewed static documents.
  • Student Tracking: detailed summary of activity information for an individual student.

All but the last report type are inter student comparisons; the latter is intra.

One cited use of the entry and exit report, is that when comparing stats if they are equal, this could indicate that students are not reaching the "actual" content which is available at a deeper level (so-called subsidary pages).

There's an interesting blog postabout WebCT Vista: A number of different reportsm are presented

These types of reports look quite like the existing Bodington stats.


Here are some screenshots from UHI's installation.

Filter page

What to display

Overall statistics

daily / monthly

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