TEI-TRC Meeting: June 27, 1996, 2 to 6 p.m.; Bergen (Norway)

Winfried Bader

9 December 1996

Table of Contents

1 Administrative procedures

1.1 Attendees



1.2 Topic 1: Choosing chair and secretary

David Barnard called the meeting to order and recalled that TEI procedures call for the chair and secretary of the TRC to be appointed by the executive committee, in consultation with the TRC. On behalf of the executive committee, he proposed that Terry Langendoen be named chair and Winfried Bader secretary. The TRC approved of this suggestion, and Terry Langendoen assumed the chair.

1.3 Topic 2: Status and funding of the TEI

C.M. Sperberg-McQueen reported on the current status and funding of the TEI by a NEH grant. The following funding is possible per annum:

There was no discussion.

1.4 Documents presented to the committee

Topic 3: Terms of reference of the Technical Review Committee
The committee reviewed document TEI ED W48, which is available at http://www.uic.edu/orgs/tei/ed/edw53.tei. Document TEI ED W48, referred to therein, has not yet been drafted.

Topic 5: Form for drafts produced by work group:
Document TEI ED W55 was discussed and apporved. In section 1 the `alternate wording' was preferred.

Topic 6: Procedure for work groups:
Document TEI ED W54 was discussed and approved.

1.5 Topic 4: Revising the Guidelines

The committee surveyed two lists: the known public errors document (TEI ED W67) and the public suggestions for new work items document (TEI EX P01). Each suggested work item or error was classified in 5 types by the TRC for further work:

item will be fixed by the editors, unless they wish to refer the item back to the TRC; TRC charges editors to make the required changes.
item will be fixed by the core group (see below)
item will be treated by TRC if possible, or allocated to a work group (and may therefore remain untreated if the work group is not established)
we agree with the suggested solution: the editors should make the corrections proposed
no action need be taken

2 Classification of document TEI ED W67

2.1 Errors

2.2 Typos

The following typos were all classed Eds (with one exception).

All `cosmetic changes' should be fixed by the editors ( Eds)

End of document TEI ED W67

2.3 Public suggested new work items from document TEI EX P01 and their classification

End of document TEI EX P01

2.4 Other documents containing proposals

3 Topic 7: New work items

Suggestions for new work items arose out of discussion of documents TEI ED W53 and TEI EX P01 as well as from consideration of document TEI SC G19

The TRC proposed the following ranking of the topics, for determination by the executive committee. The whole committee agreed that the first three topics on the following list were absolutely necessary. The remainder were voted on by the twelve members of the TRC present (Susan Hockey and Antonio Zampolli had had to leave) with 3 votes each. The TRC ranked these topics as regards the need for and utility of centralized TEI funding for work groups on the topics; this ranking is herewith forwarded to the executive committee for action in chartering the work groups.

  1. Core
    (How/why combine base tag set; user defined base tag set construction; local installation support of TEI)
  2. Header
    (generic meta data; geospatial (self funding); museums & art history (self funding))
  3. Architecture
    of the TEI-DTD
  4. Textual criticism - Scholarly editions [10 votes] (includes analytical bibliography, codicology, manuscript transcription)
  5. Dictionaries [7 votes] (includes historical dictionaries)
  6. Writing System Declarations - Character Set Problems [6 votes]
  7. NOLA - Networking of Literary Archives [4 votes]
  8. Page description [4 votes]
  9. Legal documents [2 votes]
  10. Newspapers [2 votes]
  11. Multimedia [1 vote] (includes encyclopedia; reference work)
  12. Terminology [0 votes] (harmonization)
  13. Historical Editions (self funding work group) (includes letters; memoranda)

To accelerate the work, it was decided to build a subcommittee of the TRC to address the "core" issues. As a subcommittee of TRC this group will have executives rights. It will exist until the next meeting. The working items for this committee are first to fix the bugs in the existing TEI-guidelines, second to begin with the new documentation.

The subcomittee will consist of the two editors and three other members of the TRC, to be appointed by the chair of the TRC in consultation with the editors. (In fact it proved necessary to appoint one member to the core subcommittee who is not a member of the TRC; the members of the subcommittee are: David Barnard, Lou Burnard, Dominic Dunlop, Elli Mylonas, and C. M. Sperberg-McQueen.)

Subcommittee to formulate the work items: 2 editors, chair and secretary of TRC [all agreed]

4 Topic 8. Next meeting and other business

The next meeting of TRC will take place Sunday and Monday before the Kingston ACH/ALLC conference.