TEI TRC Core Subcommittee

Notes for telephone conference of 1997-01-14

TC Core M04

Elli Mylonas

15 January 1997

Table of Contents

1.1 Attendance

1.2 Item 2.13 Project Curia Suggestions

(found at http://www-tei.uic.edu/orgs/tei/trc/nwi/curia.html)

1.2.1 --Item 1.Embedding verse fragments

It was suggested that the problem be avoided by surrounding the LG or L with a Q. However, not all verse fragments within a paragraph are quotes. Arguing from parallelism: L and LG can appear directly within a DIV, but the same exact structure does not work when they are surrounded by a paragraph. This is not reasonable, so they should be promoted/demoted to inter-level from chunk-level. However, that allows them to self nest, and although LG does that already, L does not. Many encoders use end tag minimization for Ls, and allowing them to self nest would make all such markup invalid or wrong. So L should remain a %chunk;.

ACTION: Make LG an inter-level element.

STATUS: Closed (but needs to be tested. Testing will be discussed later).

DD had to leave at this point.

1.2.2 --Item 2. Spanning Structures

JOIN already does what is asked for, and can tie it to an element name. ADDSPAN and DELSPAN are for a particular purpose, and if very detailed textual apparatus is required, then it may be best to use the additional tag set for textual criticism.

NOTE to Core Subcommittee: we did not make a formal conclusion on the request for a SRC attribute, or at least didn't have any discussion on it. Comments?


STATUS: Closed

1.2.3 --Item 3. Structure and Content --Item 3a.Note between lines, etc.

NOTE can appear between Ps. It should be able to appear between L and LG. as should Q. and possibly other inter level elements.

ACTION: Allow NOTE and Q to appear between L and LG.

STATUS: Closed --Item 3b. Gloss

ACTION: Come back to whole phrase.seq vs. para.content discussion

STATUS: Open --Item 3c. HEAD

ACTION: DB will contact Peter Flynn to figure out exactly what he means.


1.2.4 --Item 4. Additions --Item 4a.Elements for markup

These are already in TEI Lite, and exist in TEI for purposes of writing P3, just aren't documented. Everyone agrees that a small collection of elements for technical documentation are necessary. Best thing to do is to make an additional tag set and document it. This should be done by the editors. [NOTE from EM: I know I asked about it at the end of the phone call, but I seem to have forgotten what the answer. Please supplement.]

ACTION: Editors make small supplemental subset, and document it.

STATUS: Closed --Item 4b. Attributes

ACTION: refer to Textual Editing WG.

STATUS: Closed --Item 4c. Subtitles

Recommended that HEAD TYPE="sub" be used to indicate subtitles.


STATUS: Closed --Item 4d. File-splitting

This kind of information does not belong in the markup of a document, it should either be handled by a style sheet or by a (horrors) processing instruction. Finally, a MILESTONE tag could also serve this purpose, and also be included in a reference declaration using STATE.

ACTION: None (MSMcQ will write up what he thinks Peter actually might use here)

STATUS: Closed

1.2.5 --Item 5. Corrections --Item 5a.Place names and personal names

ACTION: None, it is done already

STATUS: Closed --Item 5b. Occupation

This is a problem.

ACTION: Come back to it

STATUS: Open --Item 5c. Typos, etc.

These are known bugs

ACTION: None, they have generally been fixed or are planned to be fixed.

STATUS: Closed

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