TEI TRC Core Subcommittee

Notes for telephone conference of 1996-12-23

TC Core M02

David Barnard

23 December 1996

Table of Contents

1.1 Attendance

Coordinates of items are from TEI TRC Core W01

1.2 Item 1.1.2 1996-03-26 from Carole E. Mah (title fragments)

It was decided to make no changes in response to this item. These observations were made:

1.3 Item 1.3.1 1994-12-14 from Peter Robinson (inter, common)

ACTION: LB: check whether there is a real problem here then ... may want to ask editors to add all chunk and inter-level elements from all additional tag sets into common, and ... make an explicit comment that when something is added to inter (by a user modification) it must also be added to common

1.4 Item 1.3.4 1995-02-17 from Richard Light

No technical change to be made.

ACTION: EDITORS: add a health warning in the documentation, consider specialPara cersus chunkSeq and phraseSeq, lobby WG8

1.5 Item 1.3.5 1995-06-02 from David M. Seaman

No technical change to be made.

1.6 Item 2.1 Syd Bauman on Ornament

Ornament has been merged with <figure>, which should be used instead.

ACTION: EDITORS: add a type attribute to the <figure> element.

1.7 Item 2.2 E.H.M. van den Hout on Linegroups

ACTION: EDITORS: change the DTD to allow <lg> to directly contain <q>(as is currently the case in <div>)

1.8 Item 2.3 Jean Veronis on abbr

Response is to recognize that the common pattern is that only part of an abbreviation is specially rendered, so to suggest using <hi> to tag the appropriate parts.

1.9 Item 2.14

I checked out before this was discussed.

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