Text-Criticism Work Group

Objectives and Deadlines


22 October 1990

Table of Contents


  1. Reformulate this list of objectives.
  2. Evaluate the existing recommendations of TEI P1 by encoding several small sample texts. The texts should demonstrate the use of selective apparatus and at least one exhaustive collation of a non-trivial (more than 10) number of variant states. Report on the relative efficacy of the four methods proposed in TEI P1.
  3. Review current practice in the encoding of features commonly found in critical editions other than apparatus and propose recommendations consistent with the remainder of P1. Topics to be addressed should include (but not be limited to) the following:
  4. Respond to comments on the relevant portions of TEI P1 routed to this work group by the editors.


Work group reports to Committee for Text Representation. Head of the work group is Robert Kraft. Two members of the work group are to be named by the work group head with the concurrence of Stig Johansson; at least one should be a European.

Funding is authorized for one meeting.


Reformulation of objectives is due 15 November 1990. Examples and recommendations should be ready for public distribution by 28 February 1991; final recommendations should be ready by 30 April 1991.