DTD Errors and Typographic Errors

Reported in TEI P3

A Preliminary Report

C. M. Sperberg-McQueen

Lou Burnard


3 May 1996

Table of Contents

This document summarizes informally the errors reported to date in TEI P3. At the time this version was prepared, the list was complete as to problem reports on TEI-L and TEI-TECH through the end of April 1996. It may omit some errors reported privately.

The reports are grouped into DTD errors, typographic errors, and new work items. The latter section includes errors which appeared to the authors not to be corrigible within the framework of TEI editorial policy -- they must be referred to the Technical Review Committee or a work group for consideration, since there is no single obvious solution. The section of new work items includes only topics arising from error reports; it does not include topics not arising from error reports.

The inclusion of a report in the section of new work items indicates a belief that the error in question is not a corrigible error; the inclusion of a report in the section of errors, however, does not necessarily indicate a belief that it is corrigible.

1 Errors

In this section, entries have the following format:


Errors reported on TEI-L and TEI-TECH, or reported by the editors, are these:

2 Typos

3 Cosmetic changes

This section lists some cosmetic changes which should be made if possible during the preparation for the corrected reprint. All items were identified by CMSMcQ.

4 New Work Items

This section is emphatically not complete; it merely lists some items reported as errors, which the authors of this summary prefer to classify as suggestions for further work.


[1] Actually, I found 27 elements with this problem, but I found those in a copy of p3reftag.ref downloaded back in May 94, and have not checked against newer versions, green books, nor CD-ROM. The elements are: alt, altgrp, bloc, c, cl, day, figdesc, interp, interpgp, join, joingrp, link, linkgrp, m, orgdivn, orgname, orgtype, phr, region, respons, span, spangrp, timeline, w, when, xptr, and year.
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[2] This discrepency discovered by Carole Mah.
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