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Obtaining TEI P2'>Obtaining Paper Copies of the Second Version of the TEI Guidelines (TEI P2) <author>C. M. Sperberg-McQueen & Lou Burnard, TEI Editors <address> <aline>Text Encoding Initiative .sk <aline>University of Illinois at Chicago <aline>Computer Center (M/C 135) <aline>1940 W. Taylor St. <aline>Chicago, Illinois 60612-7352 U.S. <aline>U35395@uicvm.uic.edu <aline>+1 (312) 413-0317 Fax: +1 (312) 996-6834 </address> .sk <aline>Oxford University Computing Service <aline>13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX1 6NN, ENGLAND <aline>lou@vax.ox.ac.uk <aline>+44 (865) 273238, 273200 Fax: +44 (865) 273275 </address> <docnum>TEI ED J9 <date>10 June 1992 </titlep> <!> <toc> </frontm> <!> <body> <p> Version 2 of the <cit>Guidelines for the Encoding and Interchange of Machine-Readable Texts</cit> (TEI P2) will be made available in paper form for those who do not have access to electronic mail. <p> Rather than issuing TEI P2 as a complete, comprehensive, single volume work, the TEI will publish each section of TEI P2 as soon as it has been approved by the drafting committee and the editors. A complete description of the sections is included in the TEI document, "Note on the Structure and Contents of TEI P2" (TEI ED J6) and in Appendix A, below. <p> This serial mode of publication has the major benefit of simplifying the review of the Guidelines for the reader. Not everyone has the time or inclination to comment on a volume the size of TEI P1 when it lands on the desk all of a piece, while individual chapters on specific topics can perhaps be more readily and speedily considered. We hope that this means the quality and quantity of public comment will increase: you can help by commenting yourself or by making sure that other interested persons in your organization are made aware of the drafts as they come. <p> Thank you for your interest -- we look forward to incorporating the suggestions you make in a future version of the Guidelines. <h1>Contents of Each Fascicle <p> Each TEI P2 part will include a full table of contents for the whole draft, indicating the current status of each part. This is so that, whichever part you receive, you will be able to tell both where it belongs in the whole work and which other parts are available to date. Each part will also be accompanied by a `user response form' for comment, but comments are of course welcome in whatever format is most convenient. <h1>Obtaining Paper Copies of TEI P2 from Chicago and Oxford <p> We will be maintaining mailing lists in Chicago and Oxford. (For information on obtaining paper copies of TEI P2 in Asia, see below). <h2>Chicago <p The Chicago office will mail copies to North, Central and South America; at this time, there is no charge for this service. As we will be unable to contact each person individually as each section, or fascicle, becomes available, we would ask you to circle on the attached "North/Central/South American Subscription Request for TEI P2 (Paper)" (Appendix A) those sections you are interested in receiving, and return it to us at the address given on the form. <h2>Oxford <p> The Oxford office will mail copies to Europe and elsewere. It will be necessary for the Oxford TEI office to make a small charge to cover the cost of copying and mailing out these drafts to recipients on the European continent. The charge is 50 pounds to cover all printing and mailing costs, and will include a free copy of TEI P3 when it is available at the end of this year or early next year. <p> Please complete the attached "European Subscription Form" (Appendix B) and send to the address shown on the form with your enclosed check or postal draft. <h1>Asian Distribution of TEI P2 <p> Persons in Asia or the western Pacific Rim may find it more convenient to request fascicles of TEI P2 from Prof. Syun Tutiya of Chiba University, who is taking responsibility for East Asian distribution of TEI materials on behalf of the TEI Japan Committee (an independent organization with the goal of ensuring that East Asian needs, particularly but not exclusively character-set related, are met by the TEI Guidelines). <p> Prof. Tutiya's address is: <sl> <li>tutiya@culle.l.chiba-u.ac.jp </sl> or by regular post: <sl> <li>Syun Tutiya <li>Department of Philosophy <li>Faculty of Letters <li>Chiba University <li>1-33 Yayoi-cho <li>Inage <li>Chiba Chiba 263 <emph>[n.b. Include "Chiba" twice.]</emph> <li>JAPAN </sl> <p> The TEI Japan Committee is also interested in formulating a common set of comments from Asian points of view; those interested in having input to this process should contact Prof. Tutiya. (Comments from Asia are not required, however, to be addressed to the TEI Japan Committee.) </body> <appendix> <include file=edj9a> <h1>European Subscription Request for Paper Copy of TEI P2 <sl> <li>Name______________________________________________________________ <li>Address __________________________________________________________ <li>__________________________________________________________________ <li>__________________________________________________________________ <li>__________________________________________________________________ </sl> <p> Please enter my subscription for one paper copy of each fascicle of TEI P2, to be mailed to the above address by standard first class, within two weeks of its publication in electronic form. <p>I enclose a one off payment of 50 pounds, to cover all printing and mailing costs for my subscription to TEI P2, plus one free copy of TEI P3, when this is available. This subscription expires with the publication of TEI P3, which is currently scheduled for sometime in 1993. <sl> <li>Signed: __________________________________________________________ <li>Date: _______________________________________ </sl> <p> N.B. Payment should be made by cheque or postal draft to the account of Oxford University Computing Services. Payment must be enclosed with this order form; unpaid orders will be ignored. <p> This form should be returned to: <sl> <li>TEI Subscriptions <li>Oxford University Computing Services <li>13 Banbury Road <li>Oxford OX2 6NN <li>UK </sl> </appendix> </gdoc>