RunCoCo: what we do

Contact us if you are interested in crowdsourcing or community collections or want to explore new ways of working with the public for impact, outreach, and engagement.


We can offer advice on crowdsourcing and community collections in person, in print, online and via the phone. Contact us to see how we can help you.
Read our report for a simple A,B,C of advice for projects and groups who aim to 'crowd-source' with sustainable success RunCoCo: How to Run a Community Collection Online (2011).

Training and Coaching

RunCoCo can offer training and coaching to individuals or groups interested in crowdsourcing or community collections. We have a set of ready-made training and support packages that can be tailored to fit different contexts and communities. We can also develop a program or event to fit a specific cause or group, and we offer workshops on a range of topics.
Visit the Training and Coaching section for details.


We have considerable experience of planning and running projects and are happy to support and contribute to funding applications and project work.

For some examples of projects we have worked on, please visit the Showcases section


We make available guidelines, templates and check-lists for running a collection event and are happy to share presentations, hand-outs, and recordings from our training events and workshops.

Visit the Resources section for some examples.

Creative and artistic outputs

We work with Age Exchange, the UK’s national leading charity delivering Reminiscence Arts. Age Exchange has long and extensive experience of working in the creative arts with communities and can offer advice and support and create artistic outputs based on memories and stories. See, for example, the Children of the Great War project.


We often give talks and presentations about our work and about crowdsourcing and community collection in general. Please contact us if you would like us to contribute to your conference or event. We are also happy to come and talk to you or your group and to combine presentations with work-shops and practical activities.

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“I think the training and briefing in particular helped immensely because it made me more enthusiastic about the day and what it was going to be about. ”

Collection day co-ordinator, Reading Museum