RunCoCo Guides, Reports, Training Resources, and Software

Here you can find resources and documentation offering advice on different aspects of running a community collection online.

RunCoCo training

We are happy to share presentations, hand-outs, and recordings from our training events and workshops. Contact us for more information and access. Some material can be accessed through the Training section.

Guidelines, templates and check-lists for running a collection event can be found through the 'Collection Day How-to Guides' section here below.

We have produced a series of short videos to illustrate aspects of or work, including running a collection day.

Collection Day How-to Guides

If you plan to run a physical submission event to collect items for your community collection, these guides will help you think about everything from choosing a location to cataloging submissions.

There are two main set of guides: one general set created by the RunCoCo project (2010), one specifically created for those working on the Europeana 1914-1918 project.

The guides are licenced under a creative commons licence to allow you to edit them for your own purposes. Please contact us for help and advice on using or editing the guides.

Generic guides (from 2011)
Europeana 1914-1918 guides
Although created for a specific project, these guides nevertheless contain advice and guidelines of a general nature that can be useful for other projects.


Community Collection Software

Our CoCoCo software, successfully used by The Great War Archive and Project Woruldhord, is available as a free open source package you can use to create your own online community collection. A range of supporting documentation is also available.

If you require any information please contact RunCoCo.

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