Community Contributed Collection Web Software - CoCoCo

CoCoCo was developed in 2010-2011 by RunCoCo to provide a Web interface for searching and browsing approved contributions.

Used during the Great War Archive Initiative and Woruldhord project, CoCoCo (Community Contributed Collection) is a Ruby on Rails Web application used to collect and catalogue content contributed by website users. That content can be either textual or consist of uploaded files with metadata collected via form fields. The quality assessment of contributions is performed by administrators by adding metadata and marking suitable items as "approved".

This version of the application does not currently provide an integrated interface for publicly exposing the catalogued contributions. You can either extend the application to expose the content to suit your needs, or export the data for re-use in other applications.

Download the CoCoCo Software (zip file 232Kb)

Work on CoCoCo is continuing after the conclusion of the RunCoCo project. A later version of the program, used for the Europeana Erster Weltkrieg project, includes a simple display interface. This version will be released as an open source application in due course.

Support documentation

In addition to the software as such, the following support documentation is available (click on the relevant link to download the document in the desired format: PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF. For other formats, please contact us at ):

FILE DESCRIPTION pdf doc docx rtf
General information
Introductory infomration and list of available support documents according to user role and task
File name: CoCoCo_ interface.
pdf doc docx rtf
The Contributor interface
Description of the different pages (for contributors or anyone exploring the interface).
File name: Contributor_about.
pdf doc docx rtf
How to make a contribution
Step-by-step description of how to create a contribution, enter information, and add attachments (for contributors). Using Woruldhord Project as example.
File name: Contributor_use.
pdf doc docx rtf
The Admin interface
Description of the additional pages visible to administrators and cataloguers (for administrators and cataloguers)
File name: Admin_about.
pdf doc docx rtf
The Cataloguer interface
How to review and approve contributions (for cataloguers/administrators)
File name: Admin_review.
pdf doc docx rtf
How to set the collection parameters
Explanation of how to configure the collection pages by choosing fields to include and writing labels and explanations to be displayed (for administrators).
File name: Admin_metadata.
pdf doc docx rtf
List of the template pages
File name and illustration from plain interface to assist when editing or adding text to interface (for those editing the interface in html).
File name: Edit_interfaceDRAFT.
pdf doc docx rtf

CoCoCo is open-source software, licensed under the Open Software License version 3.0

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