Project Woruldhord

The feast of William the Conqueror. Detail from the Bayeux Tapestry.

In 2010 Project Woruldhord trialled RunCoCo’s documentation, processes and software. The project collected photographs, documents, video, audio, and learning objects submitted by the public and academics relating to the Anglo-Saxon period of English history - languages and literature, the arts, history and archaeology.

In its initial phase, the project collected around 4,500 digital objects contributed by about 400 people or institutions. These digital objects are now being made available for educational purposes via the Woruldhord website. Project Woruldhord is also a living collection and further objects can be added via the project 'Add to the Collection' page.

During the course of the project, Dr Stuart Lee - who was leading this work by the English Faculty at the University of Oxford to engage with academics and amateur enthusiasts – wrote blog articles reflecting on the experience.

More information about the project as well as a searchable archive of collected digital objects can be found on the Project Woruldhord website.

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