About RunCoCo

RunCoCo offers advice, training, and support for those looking to use crowdsourcing in all aspects of academic work and outreach. The RunCoCo team have considerable experience of all aspects of planning, running and supporting crowdsourcing projects. We have developed the Oxford Community Collection Model which offers a novel approach to creating digital collections (read more in our blog). RunCoCo is delivered by Academic IT Services , University of Oxford.

RunCoCo builds on the success of The Great War Archive, (part of the First World War Poetry Digital Archive). RunCoCo has been involved in a range of community collection project. A selection of these can be found in the Showcases section.

The RunCoCo work is described in the case study Crowd-sourcing for engagement: RunCoCo and video by Alexandra Paddock (2012), and features in the University of Oxford Annual Report with a video presentaion (3.12 min).


RunCoCo started out as a project funded by JISC under the e-Content Programme. It ran between 2010 and 2011, offering free training and open-source software to help organisations and institutions collect and catalogue digital photos, films, and other material from the general public, and to enrich the metadata of existing digital collections (with tags and comments) by harnessing the enthusiasm and knowledge of a community.

The RunCoCo project exchanged knowledge about digitising and curating community collections, and built a support network to facilitate this two-way communication In particular, RunCoCo trained other institutions in the experiences of The Great War Archive and showed how they can run a community collection in their own research areas.

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“The RunCoCo communications strategy helped me make contact with the RAF and WAAF veterans ahead of our NAAFI visitor centre launch day. We photographed ration books, posters, old uniforms...”

Curator, Croome Park, National Trust