RunCoCo: a Crowdsourcing and Community Collections Service

RunCoCo offers advice, training, and support for those looking to use crowdsourcing in all aspects of academic work and outreach. We have developed the Oxford Community Collection Model - a novel approach to creating digital collections using a combination of online crowdsourcing and targeted interaction. The RunCoCo team have considerable experience of planning, running and supporting digital projects and are happy to help you develop and run your crowdsourcing or engagement activities. Contact us to discuss how we can help you develop your ideas and run your project or service.

RunCoCo is delivered by Academic IT Services, University of Oxford.


Learn more about what we do through this selection of videos. The videos illustrate aspects of our work, including running a collection day.

What we do

The RunCoCo team is happy to work with projects, departments, groups, or individuals within the University and beyond. We can:

  • Create and deliver training and coaching
  • Plan, support and contribute to funding applications and project work
  • Provide advice and support in person, by phone or online
  • Produce information, support and guidance resources
  • Give presentations on all aspects of our work
  • Explore with you how we can best support you and your work


photograph of Bombardier William Gaunt [seated] from the Great War Archive

The Great War Archive
The University of Oxford ran this groundbreaking digitisation project in 2008 to encourage members of the public to digitally capture, submit online, catalogue, and assign usage rights to personal items from the First World War. Over 6,500 photos, audio interviews, songs, and histories were collected, capturing a wealth of hitherto undiscovered material held in private hands.

The Great War Archive devised and piloted the Oxford Community Collection Model, using a combination of online contribution and targeted interaction to create the collection. The model has since been used for a range of projects, including Europeana 1914-1918, Woruldhord, and Merton @750.

Go to the Great War Archive website


Children of The Great War at Age Exchange
The Children of The Great War poster.

RunCoCo is proud to have been involved in the community collection and reminiscence project Children of The Great War run by Age Exchange, the leading British charity working in the field of Reminiscence Arts, with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Across an 18 month period, Age Exchange worked with many partner organisations across London to record and share family histories from a diverse range of communities - telling the untold stories of the War and how it affected people in the city. Project activities have included reminiscence projects, intergenerational workshops, filming and recording of group and individual interviews, including exploring the theme through sharing personal heritage. A series of open days have been held in London Boroughs where the public were welcomed to contribute family history, images and text to the Europeana 1914-18 International archive.

Age Exchange have integrated the collected memories into a touring exhibition and film installation, and a major intergenerational theatre production. The recorded memories, digitalised photographs, letters and text are shared through the Europeana 1914-18 archive, in support of learning and research into the Great War by people across Europe.
(Text adapted from the Age Exchange website

Go to the Children of the Great War website. Follow 'Children of The Great War' on Facebook or Twitter.

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