OXCRI - integrated use of XCRI at Oxford University

OXCRI is a project to unify the delivery of information about continuing professional development courses at Oxford using XCRI.

The University's Computing Services, Careers Service, and Department of Continuing Education have created web services to share and aggregate information in a neutral XML format about their extensive program of courses for students and staff.

1. Aims and objectives

The project aim is dynamic production of Oxford CPD courses in XCRI format. We have
  • Generated XCRI CAP from three different existing datasets
  • Aggregated the information locally via a skills portal
  • Reported on appropriateness of the schema for this type of data
  • Experimented with using XCRI for internal management of course data

A more detailed report is available in report.xml.

2. XCRI data feeds

3. Software

In order to experiment with ‘business rules’, and to use extra XML validators, we have reimplemented the CAP schema natively in RELAX NG, and enhanced it with Schematron rules to make the data constraints even more precise. When used with an editor like oXygen which can read documentation elements, helpful tooltips are available for each element. The relevant files are

4. Project methodology

The three participating units joint developed PHP scripts and templates to produce XCRI CAP from their existing database systems storing course details. The XCRI CAP is delivered through standard web servers as REST services.

5. Project manager

Sebastiam Rahtz, OUCS, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OS2 6NN


6. Project team

Keith Lewis (OUCS)

Alys Morgan (Skills Portal)

Nic Hollinworth (Continuing Education)