LTG Research projects

26. Triton

Triton Logo

Work done at Oxford during the pilot year of institutional Open Educational Resources (OER) activity through the OpenSpires project resulted in the release of a collection of materials from the Politics and International Relations subject area. Triton will aid discovery of OER in three ways:

  1. Regular short scholarly posts and commentaries released as OER.
  2. Learning pathways – drawing together sets of quality controlled OER.
  3. Thematic collections – dynamically generated channels to learning.

The Triton project will bring high-quality OER closer to the Politics and International Relations subject community and increase the discoverability of OER through a heavily promoted cross-institutional blog:

  • Duration: 1 September 2010 – 31 August 2011
  • Supported by HEA/JISC OER Programme Phase 2.


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