LTG Research projects

47. TReCX

Tracking the actions of learners through e-learning tools is important in many situations. If a system is not recording the actions of the users then it is not possible to tell what activities are being undertaken or which resources are being used. Providing services to learners through a set of distinct applications and tools is already happening. It is now the case that as well as using a VLE, tools such as external discussion forums, assessment engines, blogs and wikis can become part of a loose collection of tools used to deliver a course. Although this allows institutions to pick the applications that best suits their needs, often these applications either each maintain their own store of information about the progress of users through the system, or do not store this information at all. This makes tracking the overall progress of students at any point in time difficult as the information is distributed though separate systems. What is needed is a toolkit that allows the easy addition of tracking to existing tools which can then be collated and reported upon via a central service. The technology developed here will be usable by other systems that intend to integrate service-based tools in a similar fashion to that described above.

  • Duration: Feb 2006 - July 2006
  • Supported by the JISC e-learning framework programme


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