LTG Research projects

10. The Student Digital Experience

Student Digital Experience Logo

There is a growing need to try to define the experience Oxford students will have online, that appropriately supports Oxford's traditional teaching methods, graduate skills expectations, and the social lives of the students. This was a concern raised at the Student Systems Replacement Board. It was felt that there was a need for the University to collectively articulate its vision for how the overall student experience was being furthered by the range of systems now on offer (centrally and locally). This project proposes a series of activities to achieve a description of the current digital services provided by Oxford for students and staff to enhance the learning experience and learning support activities, and a vision for the systems and services we think will be needed to support learning and teaching for the next five years that puts us ahead of our competitors.

  • Duration: May 2011- April 2012
  • Funded by the University of Oxford PRAC ICT Sub-Committee


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