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32. Steeple

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Educational video and audio is undergoing a step change, posing new requirements on institutional workflows that have high overlap between institutions. Particularly the availability of affordable recording techniques as well as new distribution channels has changed the way in which audio and video visual material is used in UK higher educational. This institutional project will look at the processes supporting effective use of audio and video ("podcasts") using emergent technologies that can streamline complex audio-visual encoding activities through enterprise level services. This centralised institutional work will relieve the burden placed on departmental support structures and lead to long term savings from the reduced time and effort in creating audio visual materials for teaching, research and outreach. The project outputs will support the JISC community by providing a clearly documented example of processes necessary to implement an enterprise level podcasting encoding solution that will have been tested for robustness and interoperability within each of the three different collaborating universities.

  • Duration: September 2008 - February 2010
  • Supported by the JISC Large-Scale Institutional Exemplars Programme


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