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25. OER Impact Study

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We have heard a great deal about the production of open educational resources (OER); however, until recently we knew very little about how they are actually being used by lecturers in their teaching and by students in their learning. This usage was the focus of a joint study by the LTG and the Technology-Assisted Lifelong Learning Unit (TALL) in the Department for Continuing Education. We used in-depth interviews and workshops to elicit the factors conducive to uptake and sustained practice in the use of OER, as well as some of the barriers. Although there now exists a substantial body of high-quality learning resources in some disciplines, a critical mass of useful and usable materials has yet to be reached in others, while pedagogic intent, granularity and preserving one's distinctive 'teaching voice' are common concerns. Yet a groundswell in favour of openness, and a receptivity to licensed resources from other institutions, are unmistakable.

  • Duration: November 2010-June 2011
  • Funded by the JISC/HE Academy Open Educational Resources Programme, Phase 2


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