LTG Research projects

38. Bridging the Interoperability Divide

The Bridging the Interoperability Divide (BID) project used the principles underpinning the JISC e-framework to build interoperability between three repository systems: SRB, Fedora and SAKAI. The implementation helped join e-science, academic publishing and learning/teaching practice communities by creating a joined-up set of repository services. The project focused on demonstrating interoperability across the federation for the following services: harvesting (OAI), federated search (SRW), authentication (WebAuth), metadata management (MODS/ METS), identifiers, and discovery (OpenURL). The project created create a client for authenticated bulk upload (ingest service) into an institutional repository.

  • Duration: April 2007 to June 2009
  • Supported by the JISC Repositories and Preservation programme


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