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Introduction to First World War Poetry


This seminar is intended as an introduction to First World War poetry. First time users are strongly advised to read the Seminar Introduction, which gives a brief overview of the genre as well an explanation for the poetry selected for this seminar. Also recommended is the Navigational Information section, which explains what the various icons and menus do in this seminar, as well as some of the other features available.

Seminar Introduction | Navigational Information


In order to provide a focus for this seminar, all of the 'featured' poems have been selected for their appropriateness to a given theme. The theme selected is that of injury and the physical, mental and other consequences of this.

The Poems

Wilfred Owen
(1893 -1918)
Siegfried Sassoon
Rupert Brooke
(1887 -1915)
Edward Thomas
Isaac Rosenberg
Women's WWI poetry
Trench poetry & songs

NB:In most cases each poet or topic given above includes the following:

  • An introduction to the poet/topic
  • A featured poem, appropriate to the seminar's theme
  • Some literary criticism of the featured poem

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