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Project Steering Group

Group Members

The members of the Virtual Seminars Project Steering Group are:

* Dr Stuart Lee, Project manager * Mr Paul Groves, Project Officer
* Professor Jon Stallworthy, English Faculty, Oxford * Dr Barrie Paskins, War Studies Dept., King's College, London
* Mr Richard Gartner, Pearson New Media Librarian, Bodleian Library * Mr Michael Popham, Head of the Oxford Text Archive
* Dr Michael Fraser, Centre Manager, CTI Centre for Textual Studies * Jane Carmichael, Assistant Director, Collections, Imperial War Museum

Draft Steering Group terms of reference

  1. To ensure the widest applicability of the results of the project to the UK HE community

  2. To oversee the project.

  3. In conjunction with the Project Manager to advise any changes to the project to reflect changes in circumstances, such as the emergence of new technologies which either extend the possibilities of what can be done, or replace some of the work in the project.

  4. To coordinate the work of the project with other work being undertaken (i) within the department (ii) within JTAP (iii) elsewhere

  5. To represent the (potential) user community within the project.

  6. To ensure effective collaboration with other members of relevant focused clubs.

Frequency of Meetings

Normally six-monthly.

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