Student Web Sites

The following sites were created by students attending the 10-week course at the Department of Continuing Education, University of Oxford, entitled 'British Poetry of the First World War'. The course was taught by Stuart Lee and ran from January-March 2000, and Jan-March 1999. The classes were two hours long each week, broken down into one-hour traditional teaching/discussion, and one hour using the computers. The classes were held in the computer teaching room at the Department, usually reserved for the teaching of computer programming. The classroom held c. 15 PCs (all with sound cards and a series of networked applications), with the teacher's machine linked to three TV monitors allowing full display of the main PC.

The course covered:

Title of Lecture/Discussion (c. 1 hour)

Hands-on Component (c.1 hour)

1. Introduction to WW1 Poetry 1. Browsing WW1 Web Sites
2. The Early Poets: Brooke, Grenfell, Sorley 2. Tutorial 1
3. Siegfried Sassoon 3. Tutorial 1, Sassoon Sites, and Basic HTML
4. Wilfred Owen 4. More HTML
5. Isaac Rosenberg and David Jones 5. Tutorial 2 and start work on own site
6. Edward Thomas and Ivor Gurney 6. Wilfred Owen Archive and work on site
7. Craiglockhart 7. The Hydra and work on own site
8. Prose of WW1 (No Path) 8. Work on own site
9. Filming the War 9. Work on own site
10. Work on own site 10. Present site to class

For the lecture part, many of the talks used paths created via the Path Creation Scheme (click on the link above to go directly to the path). These were simply used as illustrative slides during the course and the annotations should be viewed as explanatory notes, i.e. NOT a transcript of the lecture! In addition students were asked to use the Bulletin Board and join in the discussions with other scholars from around the world.

At the end of the course the students presented a web site which they had been creating over the past few weeks. In most cases the students had no previous knowledge of HTML and by the end of the course had only had (totalling it all up) about 5.5 hours to create the site (including learning HTML)! The method used for page authoring was Netscape's Composer. The students were free to choose any subject they wanted to, as long as it was related to the War. They presented their ideas in week 5 with rough storyboards, and from then on began to create the pages with the teacher coming to their assistance when they were stuck. All the students who completed the course (7 out of 8) submitted a site. Some students had access to computers at home or at work and they used these to type up some of the material for their pages, but in most cases the only access they had was in the classroom.

The Student Sites 2000

  1. Pill Boxes of the First World War by Karen Dodd [unfinished]
  2. Poetry and Pity by Simon Ellis
  3. WW1 Words and Expressions by Elspeth Johnstone
  4. A Tale of Two Sisters by Margaret Hanson
  5. So You Thought You Knew Wilfred Owen? by S Harada
  6. If you know of a better 'ole by Pauline Moorbath
  7. Convalescence at Oxford Hospitals by Sally Newman [unfinished]
  8. The Blighty Route Home by Helen Ritchie [unfinished]
  9. Ivor Gurney by Ann Sharman
  10. Indecisive Battles of WW1 by Dion Vicars
  11. Poets and Padres by Linda Witcombe

The Student Sites 1999

  1. The Underground War by Vic Bridges
  2. A Soldiers Perspective by Tom Buck
  3. Reactions to the Home Front by Louise Gawne
  4. The Representation of Nature in WW1 Poetry by Catriona Haig
  5. The Therapeutic Power of Poetry by Margaret Jones
  6. The Effects of the First World War on the Futurist Movement by Kirsty Robertson (this student was unable to attend the last class to complete the site)
  7. Women's Anti-War Poetry by Jane Varley