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A call to attics, bottom drawers and such...

Do you have memorabilia from the First World War? Do you have a story to tell about a relative who lived through this historic event? If you do and you are willing for other people to see and to use for educational purposes, then we would like you to send us digital copies of them for inclusion in the Great War Archive.

This project has received additional funding via the JISC's Digitisation Programme to greatly expand the archive. The new project will run from 2007-2009. To find out more information please visit: http://www.ww1lit.com/

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1. The Seminars

[Introduction to WW1 Poetry; Isaac Rosenberg's 'Break of Day in the Trenches'; Introduction to Manuscript Studies; Introduction to Text Analysis] + NEW! The War Poems and Manuscripts of Wilfred Owen

2. The Wilfred Owen Multimedia Digital Archive

[All of Owen's War Poetry Manuscripts; Interviews with War Veterans; Photographs; Letters; Video Clips; etc.]

3. Publications of the War

[Complete Run of The Hydra - the Journal of the Patients at the Craglockhart War Hospital, plus propaganda pamphlets, forces' newspapers, postcards, etc.]

4. 'The Ghosts May Laugh'

[A brief discussion of the play The Ghosts May Laugh set on the Western Front in 1917]

More WWI and poetry links

First World War Poetry Discussion Board - Join in the debates!

Department of Continuing Education, Oxford, Course Outline

Project Information

* Project Steering Group * Project Reports
* The original full project proposal * The JISC Technology Applications Programme

Due to the success of the Isaac Rosenberg tutorial on the Web, funding was put forward by the JISC Technology Applications Programme (JTAP) to develop three more tutorials, again built around the idea of teaching WWI poetry. These tutorials each explore different methods of literary study and of delivery. The project also involved building up an archive of material relating to the War, which lecturers and students can use across the Web, creating their own tutorials or on-line essays. As with the Rosenberg project, this is a free, publicly available service. Funding was provided for two years, with Paul Groves as the Project Research Officer and Dr. Stuart Lee as the Project Manager.

Mailing List

An announcement mailing list (called virtual-seminars) for the project can be found at Mailbase. Please see 'Joining virtual-seminars' for subscription details.

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