Digital Certificate Operation in a Complex Environment
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The DCOCE project home page

1. Welcome to the DCOCE project

This is the web site for the Digital Certificate Operation in a Complex Environment (DCOCE) project. The project was funded by the JISC and had several partners. It was based within the Research Technologies Service (RTS) at Oxford University Computing Services. The project ran from early 2003 until early 2005. This web site exists as a resource for those interested in public key infrastructure (PKI) and as a record and archive of the final reports.

1.1. Parts of this web site

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About the project find out about the project
About this site see a summary of the sections of this web site
About PKI see a general introduction to PKI and digital certificates and the background to this project
Technical Arch see the detailed technical overview of the project

A note about jargon: This web site attempts to avoid jargon and abbreviations as much as possible and terms and organisation names are written out in full unless they appear multiple times on the same page. Please use our glossary for a full description of each technical term, technology or organisation. Any terms appearing in text rendered like this are defined in our glossary.

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