Digital Certificate Operation in a Complex Environment
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2. Glossary D - F

DCOCE Digital Certificate Operation in a Complex Environment The name of the project to which this glossary belongs.
See about the project .
Decryption The transformation of encrypted data back into the original, intelligible form. Opposite to Encryption.
DES Data Encryption Standard Symmetric Key Algorithm dating to late 70s. Block cipher with 56 bit key. Not seen as strong enough encryption fortoday's computers. However, see Triple-DES.
Digest See Message Digest
DN Distinguished Name In the current use of X.509 certificates, the distinguished name is always contained within the 'subject' field of a digital certificate. The distinguished name should be unique within all certificates issued by a certification authority.
A distinguished name might look like this: C=UK, O=eScience, OU=Authority, CN=CA. The attributes (e.g. C (Country), O (Organisation), OU (Organisational Unit), CN (Common Name), etc.) all combine to form the distinguished name.
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm See DSS
DSS Digital Signature Standard Public key system based on the DSA. Used for digital signatures. Developed by the NSA and adopted as a FIPS by the NIST.
EE End-entity End user or object (e.g. router), usually on a network, usinga certificate.
End entities can include applications as well as hardwareand the human users of applications.
For more information, see
EKU Enhanced Key Usage Both a digital certificate extension and a certificate extended property value. An EKU specifies the uses for which a certificate is valid.
Encryption Encryption transforms data into some unreadable form to ensure privacy. Internet communication is like sending postcards in that anyone who is interested can read a particular message; encryption offers the digital equivalent of a sealed envelope. The opposite (removing the envelope in such a way that you can read the contents) is called decryption. See also symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption.
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard USA standard for encryption.

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