Toolkit for the costing of IT services

The Toolkit for the Costing of IT Services was funded as a pilot application under the JISC Flexible Service Delivery Programme. The project considered how one can realistically cost ongoing IT services, by devising a model based on TRAC. The model evolved from interviews and a general understanding of existing costing models used at Oxford, and the complexities of provisioning IT services. The resulting toolkit was applied to a number of services provided by Oxford University Computing Services (OUCS), and to an IT service provided at a local level, in this case an Oxford college.

Further details about the project, including the JISC Programme under which it was funded, may be found via

Project team
  • Stuart Lee, Principal Investigator,
  • Michael Fraser, Co-Investigator,
  • Melanie Burdett, JM Consulting
  • Paul Davis, Research Assistant