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Community Led Image Collections

Bridging the Gap: Investigating community-led image collections

Explanatory diagram of the CLIC project

The CLIC (Community Led Image Collections) study reviewed the growth of community owned digital image collections, surveyed the socio-cultural, institutional and technical barriers owners face in image collection building, and made recommendations on how national initiatives could help in sharing and embedding the collections within the wider national FE and HE sectors. Dissemination was to the JISC Image Working group and the related communities in a series of staged self-contained reports, culminating in a final recommendation document.


The Study comprised:

  • Overview of current community image collections.
  • Selection of community image collections to use as case studies.
  • Survey of owners and users of community led image collections.
  • Evaluation of the positioning of community collections relative to national and commercial alternatives.
  • Recommendation of technical implementation infrastructure.

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