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Consume Federated Search Service (A)

  • Interactive configuration of federated search
  • Population of the Registry Service
  • Becoming a federated search target (that can be search by JAFER)

Read more about the JAFER Federated Search Service.

Implement Federated Search (B)

Federated search service is able to implement all of SRW, Z39.50 and SRU Make a new page an be specific regarding the targets we have found and been able to implement. Use WW1 target landscape requirements as a case study.

Federated Access Management via Authenticated, Authorised Web Services (C)

User agents such as Portals and VLEs can communicate directly with the ASK repository through the Sloop mechanism

Consume Transform Service (D)

OAI service providers can harvest metadata stored in the ASK Repository System through the OAI-PMH implementation

Consume Shibboleth-Compliant Authentication Service (E)

Authentication to ASK is implemented by means of the Shibboleth framework.

Shibboleth and Identity Management.

Consume OpenURL Resolver Service (G)

The appropriate copy of a resource can be found through integration with an openURL Resolver. ASK implements the OpenURL 0.1 specification to enable users to find the appropriate copy of a resource.

Implement OAI-PMH Service Provider Requests Service (H)

OAI data and service providers can be indexed by services such as Google

Implement Transform Service (J)

Deposit files into other tools such as mind mapping software and


ASK Repository System (1)

The ASK Repository System provides the ability to store, manage and share resources through an Internet Browser: ASK Component Design

Desktop Reading List Tool (2)

The Desktop Reading List Tool is a java application that can be downloaded from sourceforge.

Online Reading List Tool (3)

The Online Reading List Tool is a java web client that can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Federated Search Service (4)

JAFER is a Java server that ...

Shibboleth-Compliant Identity Provider (5)

e.g. Guan Xi and I2 Shibboleth software.

WAYF (6)

e.g. UKfederation

Transform Service (7)

e.g. Cocoon

Read up on:

OpenURL Resolver Service (8)

Federated Repository Services (9)

User Agents (10)

e.g. SAKAI, Bodington, Moodle, uPortal, other repositories.

OAI Service Provider Services (11)

Local Authentication Service(12)

e.g. WebAuth

Indexing Services (13)

e.g. Yahoo, Google

Authoring and Repository Tools (14)

e.g. Mindmapping tool such as Compendium but also Word, Dreamweaver etc

Service Registry (15)