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Welcome to the ASK project wiki pages.  These pages are used on a day-to-day basis to document the development process.
Welcome to the ASK project wiki pages. These pages are used on a day-to-day basis to document the development process.


Project management

The ASK project is funded from May 2005 to May 2007 by the JISC Digital Repositories Programme.

The project is a collaboration between the Oxford University Computing Services and the UHI Millenium Institute.

The project is managed by Howard Noble.

Quality assurance

  • Always maintain a sandpit to allow users to experiment with the tools
  • Always perform user testing and log bugs and features in the tracking software
  • Perform Integration testing e.g. federated search, OAI-PMH, transfer for MODS and METS files. This will be achieved through supporting the JISC IE Testbed project
  • Develop to Code quality guidelines
  • Release code to SVN after no longer than 3 days local development
  • Optimise deployment through automatic compilation tools e.g. Luntbuild

Evaluation plan

The formative Usability evaluation of ASK is being carried out by Liz Masterman. Tasks and responsibilities are:

  • Develop the ASK Usability Evaluation Plan.
  • Act as user advocate during programming: work iteratively with the developers responsible for the UI to comment on, and refine, their designs and agree guidelines/conventions that follow good HCI practice.
  • Keep track of accessibility issues
  • Track bug/enhancement requests in Mantis.
  • Lead the usability evaluation.

Other pages relating to usability:

The user perspective

In this section we focus on documenting the system from the perspective of how it will be used by learners, researchers, teachers, librarians and administrators.

The technical perspective

In this section we use the scenarios, use cases and expert analysis to document the reference model and technical design. The interested reader should see this paper by Scott Wilson, Kerry Blinco and Daniel Rehak to gain a background to the approach we are taking.

Desk-based research






Below are some links to resources that are informing the desk-based research effort.

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General documentation

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Software applications

Hosted services

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Interoperability specifications

High interest:



Appendix A - Source material

This section provides links to archived material.