What is ASK?

The Accessing and Storing Knowledge project team is creating an open source repository system for use by students, teachers, researchers, and librarians. The system supports the storing, organisation and sharing of digital resources, such as text files, images, audio, and video.

The system has been designed to support the vision of the JISC e-framework that aims to guide the creation of a wide variety of software tools that can be 'bolted' together to create a comprehensive toolbox for educational institutions.

The askRepositorySystem, askOnlineReadingListTool and askDesktopReadingListTool applications interoperate according to the principles underpinning the JISC e-framework. Each of the tools implement Federated Search (Z39.50, SRW, SRU), Metadata Management (based on MODS), Authentication (Shibboleth), a Discover service (OpenURL 0.1 specification), and Licensing (Creative Commons). The project has also created a Transform service that allows reading lists stored in MODS XML to be exported in a range of formats (xHTML, PDF, RTF and Endnote) and styles (e.g. Harvard, MLA). The project team is building upon existing open source softare where possible (Guan Xi, VFS, eXist XML database) but has also created some new open source software where required.

The ASK software is released under the LGPL Open Source License.

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