6. The Manuscriptorium DTD

The manuscriptorium DTD currently combines three DTD fragments:
  • Elements from MASTER, discussed in the previous section of this document.
  • About 150 Other TEI Elements, chiefly from the Core, Header, and Names and Dates modules.
  • 302 elements from elsewhere, some (but by no means all) of which appear to duplicate functions provided by existing TEI elements

Question: how many of these elements are needed in the ENRICH dtd?

Resolution: These metadata categories are part of the internal manuscriptorium format in the conversion from MASTER to TEI P5, WP3 should not worry about them. Where TEI P5 provides some of this information, such as with the <facsimile> element, then Manuscriptorium will attempt to change its internal processes to use that information. It agrees that it will not throw away any incoming metadata fields. However, for the time being, it will be maintaining the use of MASTER inside its MASTER+ container and retro-converting the TEI P5 documents back to MASTER as an internal format for searching, etc. The TEI P5 record will, of course, always be available for downoad. But for the purposes of WP3, we should not concern ourselves with worrying about storing camera metadata, etc.

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