This working document summarizes differences between the DTD originally defined by MASTER, the version of that DTD currently used in the Manuscriptorium, and a DTD derived from the TEI P5 manuscript description module. The source code for these DTDs is readily available online; for convenience, local copies are kept here

The two systems are actually very close and many of the differences between them are systematic, resulting from design decisions taken during the production of TEI P5. There are also a few places where TEI P5 has reorganized and made more consistent structures which were a little ad hoc in MASTER. For a more detailed discussion of the evolution of the TEI P5 proposals, see an article by Matthew Driscoll published in Digital Medievalist (2.1, 2006) on this topic, which also describes and illustrates the major differences between P5 and MASTER, together with their rationale.

The main objectives of this document are firstly to facilitate production of a script for automatic conversion of existing MASTER records to TEI P5, and secondly to highlight a number of design questions which need to be resolved before the ENRICH P5 application is finalised. This document includes a summary of the decisions taken concerning these questions at the WP3 first meeting, in Copenhagen, 28 February 2007.

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