Names, People, and Places

5. The thing itself (1)

TEI provides special-purpose elements for maintaining structured information about named entities (as well as their names):
  • <person>, <place>, <event>
  • may be grouped into <listPerson>, <listPlace>, (and soon <listEvent>)
  • relationships can also be modelled, explicitly using <relation> or implicitly by context
<person xml:id="VM1893sex="1">  <persName xml:lang="ru">Владимир Владимирович Маяковский</persName>  <persName xml:lang="fr">Wladimir Maďakowski</persName>  <birth when="1893-07-19">7 July (OS) 1893, <placeName ref="#BGDTxml:lang="en">Baghdati, Georgia</placeName>  </birth>  <death when="1930-04-14"/>  <occupation>Poet and playwright, among the foremost representatives of    early-20th century Russian Futurism.</occupation> <!-- ... --> </person>

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