Handling primary sources in TEI XML

6. Abbreviation

Abbreviations are highly characteristic of manuscript materials of all kinds. Western MSS traditionally distinguish:
the first letter or letters of the word are written, generally followed by a point, or other marker: for example e.g. for exempla gratia
both first and last letters are written, generally with some other mark of abbreviation such as a superscript stroke, or, less commonly, a point or points: e.g. Mr. for Mister.
Special signs or tittels, such as the Tironian nota used for ‘et’, the letter p with a barred tail commonly used for per, the letter c with a circumflex used for cum (ĉ) etc
Superscript letters (vowels or consonants) are often used to indicate various kinds of contraction: e.g. w followed by superscript ch for which.

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