Handling primary sources in TEI XML

40. <additions>

The <additions> element can be used to list or describe any additions to the manuscript, such as marginalia, scribblings, doodles, etc., which are considered to be of interest or importance.

<additions>  <p>The text of this manuscript is not interpolated with    sentences from Royal decrees promulgated in 1294, 1305    and 1314. In the margins, however, another somewhat    later scribe has added the relevant paragraphs of    these decrees, see pp. 8, 24, 44, 47 etc.</p>  <p>As a humorous gesture the scribe in one opening of    the manuscript, pp. 36 and 37, has prolonged the lower    stems of one letter f and five letters ţ and has them    drizzle down the margin.</p> </additions>

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