Handling primary sources in TEI XML

39. <handDesc> examples

<handDesc hands="2">  <p>The manuscript is written in two contemporary hands, otherwise    unknown, but clearly those of practised scribes. Hand I writes    ff. 1r-22v and hand II ff. 23 and 24. Some scholars, notably Verner    Dahlerup and Hreinn Benediktsson, have argued for a third hand on    f. 24, but the evidence for this is insubstantial.</p> </handDesc>
<handDesc hands="3">  <handNote xml:id="Eirsp-1scope="minorscript="other">   <p>The first part of the manuscript, <locus from="1vto="72v:4">fols 1v-72v:4</locus>, is written in a      practised Icelandic Gothic bookhand. This hand is not      found elsewhere.</p>  </handNote>  <handNote xml:id="Eirsp-2scope="majorscript="other">   <p>The second part of the manuscript, <locus from="72v:4to="194v">fols 72v:4-194</locus>, is      written in a hand contemporary with the first; it can      also be found in a fragment of <title>Knýtlinga        saga</title>, <ref>AM 20b II fol.</ref>.</p>  </handNote>  <handNote xml:id="Eirsp-3scope="minorscript="other">   <p>The third hand has written the majority of the      chapter headings. This hand has been identified as the      one also found in <ref>AM 221 fol.</ref>.</p>  </handNote> </handDesc>

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