Handling primary sources in TEI XML

32. Intellectual Content

  • May simply use paragraphs of text…
  • … or a tree of <msItem> elements
  • … optionally preceded by a prose summary
We can describe the content in general terms:
<msContents>  <p>An extraordinary charivari of heroic deeds and    improving tales, including an early version of  <title>Guy of Warwick</title> and several hymns.  </p> </msContents>
or we can provide detail about each distinct item:
<msContents>  <summary>An extraordinary charivari of heroic deeds,    improving tales, and hymns</summary>  <msItem> <!-- details of Guy of Warwick here -->  </msItem>  <msItem> <!-- other items here -->  </msItem> </msContents>

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