Handling primary sources in TEI XML

29. Structured form of <msDesc> (2)

<history>  <origin>   <p>Written in <origPlace>England</origPlace> in the <origDate notAfter="1300notBefore="1200">13th cent.</origDate>   </p>  </origin>  <provenance>   <p>On fol. 54v very faint is <quote xml:lang="la">Iste liber est        fratris guillelmi de buria de    <gap reason="illegible"/> Roberti ordinis        fratrum Pred<ex>icatorum</ex>    </quote>, 14th cent. (?):   <quote>hanauilla</quote> is written at the foot of      the page (15th cent.).</p>  </provenance>  <acquisition>   <p>Bought from the rev. <name type="personkey="MCRAYWD">W. D. Macray</name> on   <date when="1863-03-17">March 17,        1863</date>, for £1 10s.</p>  </acquisition> </history>

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