Handling primary sources in TEI XML

26. Simple example <msDesc>

<msDesc xml:id="ex3xml:lang="en">  <msIdentifier>   <settlement>Oxford</settlement>   <repository>Bodleian Library</repository>   <idno>MS. Add. A. 61</idno>   <altIdentifier type="other">    <idno>28843</idno>   </altIdentifier>  </msIdentifier>  <p>In Latin, on parchment: written in more than one hand of the 13th    cent. in England: 7¼ x 5⅜ in., i + 55 leaves, in double columns: with    a few coloured capitals.</p>  <p>'Hic incipit Bruitus Anglie,' the De    origine et gestis Regum Angliae of Geoffrey of Monmouth (Galfridus    Monumetensis: beg. 'Cum mecum multa &amp;amp; de multis.'</p>  <p>On fol. 54v very faint is 'Iste liber est fratris guillelmi de    buria de … Roberti ordinis fratrum Pred[icatorum],' 14th cent. (?):    'hanauilla' is written at the foot of the page (15th cent.). Bought    from the rev. W. D. Macray on March 17, 1863, for £1 10s.</p> </msDesc>

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