Using the basic TEI structural elements

35. Linked notes

Since we have several references to the same person, it might be better to put the notes elsewhere and point to them from the names:
<divtype="notes"> <notexml:id="BEECHJO">Sir Joseph Beecham, 1st Baronet (8 June 1848 - 23 October 1916) the eldest son of Thomas Beecham (1820-1907) played a large part in the growth and expansion of his father's medicinal pill business which he joined in 1866....</note> <!-- other notes --> </div> <divtype="snippets"> <p>... Both Earl <namerend="sc">Beauchamp</name> and <name>Sir <reftarget="#BEECHJO">Joseph Beecham</ref> </name> appear in the recent Honours List.</p> <p>By-the-by, it is denied that Sir <namerend="sc"ref="#BEECHJO">Joseph Beecham</name> was in any way responsible...</p> </div>

Could also use specialised <person> element, in this case.

"Elsewhere" can be anywhere on the Internet...

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