Using the basic TEI structural elements

25. Quotation

Quotation marks can similarly be used to set off text for many reasons:
  • <q> (used if the reason is unknown or unimportant)
  • <said> (speech or thought)
  • <quote> (attributed to an external source)
  • <mentioned> and <soCalled> (nuances of narrative status)
<p> <saidwho="#Celia">I know a lovely tin of potted grouse,</said> said Celia, and she went off to cut some sandwiches. </p>
<head>How to utilise the art of <soCalled>suggestion</soCalled> </head> <head>The Doctor, six down at the turn, <soCalled>suggests</soCalled> to his opponent that they are playing croquet, and wins by two and one.</head>

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