Using the basic TEI structural elements

24. A few highlighting examples

  • <hi> (highlighted: reason unknown or unimportant)
    <p>[The rest of this communication is omitted owing to considerations of space.—<hirend="sc">Ed</hi>.]</p>
  • <emph> (emphasized)
    <said>'E won't bite yer <emph>if you buy 'im</emph> guv'ner.</said>
  • <title> and <foreign>:
    <p> <foreignxml:lang="fr"> propos</foreign> of Oxford, it is a question whether that extremely amusing book <title>Verdant Green</title> is still much read by freshers. </p>
  • <distinct> (linguistically marked)
    But then I remind myself that the Russian ballet is nothing if not <distinct>bizarre</distinct>

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