Using the basic TEI structural elements

14. For example...

Egypt in Venice (on Page 5) begins with two headings, one in French....
<div type="prosexml:lang="enxml:id="I1914-07-01_05_02">  <head>Egypt in Venice.</head>  <head xml:lang="frrend="it">"La Légende de Joseph."</head>  <p>Those who know the kind of attractions that the    Russian ballet offers in so many of its themes ....</p> </div>
Each stanza of the poem on page 10 has a last line which is significantly indented:
<lg>  <l>There were eight pretty walkers who went up a hill;</l>  <l>They were Jessamine, Joseph and Japhet and Jill,</l>  <l>And Allie and Sally and Tumbledown Bill,</l>  <l rend="indent">And Farnaby Fullerton Rigby.</l> </lg>

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