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Sunday 8th September

1:00 - 5:00 Registration: Concourse, Appleton Tower, Crichton Street)
5.30 - 7.00 Reception (JISC/FAIR): Pollock Halls Holland House Common Room
7.30 Dinner: Pollock Halls (full registration delegates only)

All paper and panel sessions take place in Appleton Tower (Theatre 5, Theatre 1, Tutorial Rooms 6 and 8).

Monday 9th September

9:00 - 10:30

Theatre 5
Welcome and Introduction to the Conference
Chair: Jean Anderson
Professor Vicki Bruce, Head of the College of Humanities and Social Science, University of Edinburgh
Ian Mowat, Librarian to the University of Edinburgh
Sarah Tyacke, Keeper of Public Records, Public Records Office:Opening Keynote talk, "The will to remember: time, space and people in the digital landscape"
Local Organisation: Frances Abercromby

10:30-11:00 Coffee break: Appleton Tower, Concourse
Theatre 5

Theatre 1

Tutorial Room 6

Tutorial Room 8


1. Text Encoding & XML

Chair: Lou Burnard

169 Schreibman
The Versioning Machine

75 Walsh
Free the Data: Accessibility, Format, and Transformation Issues Related to XML-Based Humanities Resources

122 Turner, Hockey, Sexton & Yeo
TEI, EAD And Integrated User Access To Archives: Towards A Generic Toolset


2.Art, Drama, Cinema

Chair: Jan Rae

92 Menon
Communicating Vessels: Digital Semiotics and Web Installation Art

68 Carson & Owen
Designing Shakespeare: why is an audio-visual archive necessary?

87 Miles
Searching for Contexts: Cinema and Computing


3. Archives, History

Chair: Nigel Williamson

81 Ore, Vasstveit, Hesselberg-Wang & Witek
The Diriks Papers

103 Tierney
British Periodicals, 1660-1800: An Electronic Index

114 Anderson
Information Seeking Behaviours in the Digital Age: UK Historians and the Search for Primary Sources

4. Linguistic Resources

Chair: Jean Anderson

125 Corrigan, Beal, Moisl, Allen & Row
The Analysis and Visualization of a Socio-Cultural Resource: Topographic Mapping of the Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English

168 Aduriz, Aldezabal, Aranzabe, Arrieta, Arriola, Atutxa, Diaz de Ilarraza, Gojenola, Oronoz, Sarasola & Urizar
The Design of a Digital Resource to Store the Knowledge of Linguistic Errors

12:30-1:30 lunch: Teviot Row Union


5. Digital Archives & Access Session


141 Hillyard, Sanderson & Fraser
An emerging UK archival network

6. History: Prosopographical Projects Session


174 Short, Bradley, Burns, Burghart, Pelteret & Tinti
Historical Scholarship in a Digital World: case studies in prosopography

7. Teaching Panel

Chair: Donald Spaeth

162 Osborne, Anderson & Gerencser
Teaching, Learning, and Digitizing: Resources in the Humanities through the Cooperation of Educators and Archivists


8. Training, Testing and Teaching

Chair: Jean Anderson

160 Moser
Training the Rank and File: The Need for a Training Curriculum in Digitization of Cultural Heritage Materials

172 Rae
Value Added Video The OU’s Video Data Capture ‘Lab'

79 Lindsay & Warwick
Conflict resolution and The Battle of Maldon: A practical study of the combination of Hypertext, usability and literary theories

3:30-4:00 Coffee break: Appleton Tower, Concourse

9. The New Opportunities Fund Session


145 Dunning, Woodhouse, Guy & Yeates

Establishing National Standards: The NOF Digitisation
of Learning Materials Programme


10. Music

Chair: Celia Duffy

119 Duffy, Marshalsay & Barrett
Developing HOTBED - an innovative resource for learning

137 Crawford
'The best musick in the world'

Panel Discussion: Crawford, Duffy, Marshalsay & Barrett


11. Resource Creation: Early Books & MSS

Chair: Willard McCarty

93 Schaffner
Keying what you see in early English books

107 Barker & Corti
Edwardians Online Demonstrator Project

148 Bia, Vèlez, Sanchez-Quero & Garcia
Manuscripts of America in the Royal Spanish Collections: A Joint Digitization Project with the Library of the Royal Palace of Spain

Exhibition Area
12. Poster Session

150 Giedenbacher, Jadin & Mader
Creating Online Resources Information Pool USA-Europe

112 Peterson
Alternative Model for Digital Libraries

132 McKinney
Cross-Sectoral Solutions for Digital Resources 


6.00- 7.00 Reception sponsored by the National Library of Scotland and OCLC, Main Library Concourse, George Square

Conference Dinner, Playfair Library, Old College, South Bridge
After-dinner speaker: Professor Derek Law, Librarian & Head of Information Resources, University of Strathclyde


Tuesday 10th September

  Theatre 5

Theatre 1

Tutorial Room 6

Tutorial Room 8


13. VR & GIS in History & Archeology

Chair: Stephen Bury

143 Deegan, Jessop & Syrri
Mapping Migration in Macedonia

135 Williamson & Smith
Cistercians in Yorkshire Project: Reconstructing the past using Virtual Reality
(two slots)

14. Access to Libraries & Archives

Chair: Andrew Prescott

138 Efron, Fenton & Jones
The Problem of Access in Contributor-Run Digital Libraries

161 van Zundert, Laloli & van Horik
SkopeoPro: durable access to image archives based on
open standards

105 McKnight
Interactive and Interdisciplinary: knowledge management

15. Teaching

Chair: Claire Warwick

140 Cole
The Gromboolia Project: A MOO-based, Hypertextual Literature Classroom

86 Mowat
Involve me and I’ll understand: using digital resources to improve learning and teaching in the Humanities


16. Metadata Standards Session


153 Proffitt, Smith & Beaubien
METS:The Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard

10:30-11:00 Coffee break : Appleton Tower, Concourse


Theatre 5
Keynote talk
Chair: Michael Fraser
Bernard Smith, Head of Unit, Cultural Heritage Applications, European Commission
"Activities and Research for Culture Heritage"

12:00-12:30 Tutorial Room 8: First meeting of Beginners In Technology and Computing in the Humanities. All Welcome.
12:30-1:30 lunch: Teviot Row Union


18. Preservation & Standards

Chair: Peter McKinney

108 Lee
Research vs Resource: competing or co-operating?

120 Garrod
The Schools' Census and "Digital Archaeology"

116 Bowen & Hosker
Digital Government and Cultural Memory


19. Historical Resources & Metadata

Chair: Ian Anderson

170 Lundberg
St Laurentius Digital Manuscript Library: an Excursion along the border between metadata for resource discovery and for resource description

100 Little
Sharing history of medicine metadata using OAI protocol

164 Spaeth
Meanings of Possessions: A Textbased Approach to the Identities of the Middling Sort

20. Mapping & Visualisation Session


123 Southall, Burton, Richardson & Mcgill
Putting the Great Britain Historical GIS on the web: A Vision of Britain through Time


Exhibition Area
21. Poster Session

77 Whitbread
Reconfiguring the rose - a collaborative internet design project

154 Sosnoski & Carter
International Learning Networks: The ASCEND project

176 Weitz
The Text Enhancement Project: Pilot Phase

110 Little
Evaluating history of medicine Internet resources

3:30-4:00 Coffee break: Appleton Tower, Concourse

22. Performing Arts & Archeology Panel

Chair: Sheila Anderson

118 Owen & Kilbride
Re-creating times, places and spaces


23. Digital Documents

Chair: Brad Scott

76 Stein, Keiper & Thiel
Web-based Collaboration Support in a Digital Library on European Historic Films - the COLLATE Project

163 Macy
From Print to Online

151 Butler & Sinclair
TAPoR - A Canadian Text Analysis Portal for Research


24. Electronic Editions and New Encoding Strategies Session


157 Vanhoutte, Neyt & Debusschere
The Transcription of Modern Manuscript texts

Exhibition Area
25. Poster Session

134 Beavan
Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech

156 Bia & Sanchez-Quero
Building Resources to Spell-Check Ancient-Spanish Texts

117 Stehno, Mühlberger & Retti


Evening: Choice of city tours (Witchery, Pub Literary, Guide Friday) Tickets from Conference Desk - on a first come basis.


Wednesday 11th September

Theatre 5

Theatre 1

Tutorial Room 6

Exhibition Area


26. Multimedia Digital Repositories

Chair: Bruce Royan

159 Kornbluh, Goldman & Cohen
Building Multimedia Digital Respositories


27. TEI & XML: New Uses

Chair: Susan Schreibman

173 Burnard
TEI and XML: A Marriage made in Heaven. New roles for the TEI?

146 Bia, Carrasco & Sanchez-Quero
A Markup Simplification Model to Boost Productivity of XML Documents

133 Fenton
MedFrench on the web: a generic XML system from a specialized Old French resource

28. Digitisation Strategy & Access to ArchiveS Session


165 Allard, Downey & Lechasseur
Universal Accessibility and Social Cohesion: Making Records Relevant to Citizens Through Digitization

29. Poster Session

139 Rourk
An Evolution of a Virtual Gallery

136 Rourk & Newman
Specialization Within the University Library : Mapping the Cultural Heritage of Tibet

175 Cave, Deegan & Griffiths
Forced Migration Online: a World of Information on Human Displacement

10:30-11:00 Coffee break  : Appleton Tower, Concourse


Theatre 5
Closing Session
Chair: Harold Short
Closing Keynote talk: Professor Theodor Nelson, "Connections and Categories: How the Humanists Can Fight Back"
Michael Fraser, Chair of the DRH Standing Committee
DRH 2003: Peter Childes, University of Gloucester


DRH Standing Committee Meeting, Wolfson Meeting room, Main Library