Digital Resources for the Humanities 2000

Conference Programme

(Last updated: 5 September 2000)

Sunday 10 September



Setting up of exhibition and posters


Opening Plenary
Chair: Micheline Beaulieu, Department of Information Studies, University of Sheffield

John Unsworth* (Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, University of Virginia), 'Second-Generation Digital Resources in the Humanities'


JISC Distributed Image Service event and drinks reception

Presentations in Auditorium Lecture Theatre with contributions by:
Introduction: Marion Wilks (JISC Committee for Electronic Information)
JDIS Overview: Catherine Grout (JISC Collections Manager for Multimedia)
Image Creation: Karla Youngs (TASI Manager)
Image Delivery: Phill Purdy (VADS Manager)
Drinks reception in the Mappin Art Gallery, sponsored by the JISC

Monday 11 September


1.1: Room: JCR
Electronic Editing
Chair: Peter Robinson
1.2: Room: Music Room
Panel Session: Images
Chair: Catherine Grout
1.3: Room: TV Room 2
Teaching & Learning
Chair: Sarah Porter
1.4: Room:Conference Room 1
Search & Retrieval

Elizabeth W. Brown (Johns Hopkins University)
Creating the searchable Roman de la Rose’

‘New Limits and new horizons: A panel session on using the digital image in learning and teaching in the context of the JISC DNER’

Debbie Kent (The Visual Arts Data Service),

Jill Evans (University of Bristol)
'The Bristol BioMedical Image Archive'

Sue Gollifer (LTSN Centre for Art, Design and Communications)
‘Digital Image Collections for Teaching and Learning in art & Design’

Jan Rae (Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University)
‘Pin-pointing good practice for multimedia Courseware Development’


Jill Seal (Nottingham Trent University), Miranda Girdlestone (University of Sheffield), Claire Warwick (University of Sheffield)
‘Querying keywords: analysis of a survey to look at on-line research methods of the actual and potential users of the Perdita Project’

Edward Vanhoutte (Office for Scholarly Editing and Document Studies, Belgium)
‘The electronic Streuvels Project’

Sandra Kaise (Wexner Learning Center, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
‘Multimedia Resources in the Wexner Learning Centre’

Thomas B. Horton, Sunish Parikh, Abhijit Pandya (Florida Atlantic University)
Visualizing Query Results Using a Region-based Document Model’

Tony Williams and Alan Brunt (University of Hull)
‘Hypertext and Genetic Studies’

Elizabeth Losh (University of California, Irvine)
Going Digital: Rapid Integration of Multiple Approaches to Humanities Technology in a Large Undergraduate Course’
Linda Banwell and Pat Gannon-Leary (University of Northumbria)
EIS in the Humanities: irrelevance or future saviour?’


Tea and Coffee


2.1: Room: JCR
Panel Session: The TEI Consortium
Chair: Claus Huitfeldt
2.2: Room: Music Room
Public access to collections
Chair: Neil Beagrie
2.3: Room: TV Room 2
Teaching & Learning
Chair: John Lavagnino
2.4: Room: Conference Room 1
Panel Session: Digitization
Chair: Judith Musick
Claus Huitfeldt (University of Bergen)
Espen S. Ore
(University of Bergen)
Lou Burnard
(University of Oxford)
Allen Renear
(Brown University)
John Unsworth
(University of Virginia)

David Dawson (Resource: The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries)
'Creating Electronic Content for Life-long Learning: the People's Network'

Martin Wynne (University of Birmingham)
‘TRACTOR - the TELRI Research Archive of Computational Tools and Resources’

'Digitizing Women's History: The Collaborative Efforts of the Feminist Humanities Project’

Judith Musick (University of Oregon)
Stephanie Wood
(University of Oregon)
Daniel Gilfillan
(University of Oregon)

R.I. Higgins (Durham University Library)
‘The Durham Cathedral Muniments. Providing online access to information on medieval archival holdings’
Derrik Ferney and Sharon Waller (Anglia Polytechnic University)
‘Creating an Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM for the Humanities’
Ann Gow, Lucy Jefferis and Seamus Ross (University of Glasgow)
‘Access to Archival Resources: An Assessment of User Expectations’
John W. Thomas (Iowa State University)
‘Theory, Practice, and Bandwidth in the Creation of the Digital Classroom’




3.1: Room: Music Room
Text Encoding
Chair: Lou Burnard
3.2: Room: TV Room 2
Panel Session: Wolverhampton Art Gallery: Public Access via ITC
Chair: Laura Regan
3.3: Room: Conference Room 1
Creativity and Communication
Chair: Sue Thomas
3.4: Room: JCR
Panel Session: Digital Preservation
Chair: Kelly Russell

Dolores Iorizzo, John Young (Imperial College London), Jochen Buettner and Brian Fuchs (Max Planck Institute, Berlin)
'Networking Newton and Galileo: Electronic Edition of Galileo MS 72 and Newton's Non-Scientific Papers'

Laura Regan (Wolverhampton Art Gallery)
'Out of Darkness'

Nicki Brookes (Wolverhampton Art Gallery)
'CREATION: The Virtual Art Gallery'

'The Three-Cornered Gallery'

Barry Eaglestone and Nigel Ford (University of Sheffield)
'Computer support for Creativity -- help or hindrance.'

Derek Sergeant (Leeds University)
'CEDARS: An Architecture for Digital Preservation'

Stewart Granger (Leeds University)
'CAMilEON: Emulation as a Digital Preservation Strategy'

Maggie Jones (Arts and Humanities Data Service)
'A Decision Making Tool for Digital Preservation'

Neil Beagrie (JISC Digital Preservation Focus)
'Digital Preservation in Higher and Further Education'

Giovanna Roz and Elli Mylonas (Scholarly Technology Group, Brown University)
‘The SGML Encoding of Boccaccio’s Decameron: a Project inside the Decameron Web Project’
Susan Spencer (University of Central Oklahoma)
‘High-Touch Learning in High-Tech Mode: Distance Learning in Central Oklahoma.’
Dr. Karlheinz Moerth (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
‘The representation of literary texts by means of XML: some experiences of doing markup in historical magazines’
Noel Heather (Royal Holloway, University of London)
‘Digitising Prayer: Religion In Multi-User Virtual Reality’


Tea and Coffee


4.1: Room: JCR
Panel Session: ‘Creating EEBO: A Digital Corpus Of Historic Proportions’
Chair: Mark Sandler
4.2: Room: Music Room
Art and design history
Chair: Alastair Dunning
4.3: Room: TV Room 2
Linguistic Corpora
Chair: Elisabeth Burr
4.4: Room: Conference Room 1
Panel Session: 'Online Creative Practice: Appreciation, Participation and Web-Literacy' (trAce)
Chair: Sue Thomas

Mark Sandler (Univeristy of Michigan)
‘Shaping And Marketing The EEBO Text Creation Partnership’

Austin McLean (Bell & Howell Information and Learning)
'The Challenges of Large Scale Digitization: Converting 22 Million Early English Books Microfilm Images to Digital Form'

Paul Schaffner (University of Michigan DLPS)
‘Scaling Mount EEBO: Creating A Production Process For Large-Scale Text Conversion.’

Frances Joseph (Auckland University of Technology)
‘Pieces of a Jigsaw: The influences of digital archiving methods on the contruction of New Zealand design history.’

Laura Kallmeyer and Andreas Wagner (University of Tuebingen)
‘The TUSNELDA annotation standard: An XML encoding standard for multilingual corpora supporting various aspects of linguistic research’

Elizabeth James (Reading University/National Art Library at the V&A)
Sue Thomas (The Nottingham Trent University)
Helen Whitehead
(The Nottingham Trent University)

Christopher Bailey and Margaret Graham (University of Northumbria)
‘The Corpus and the Art Historian’
Primoz Jakopin (Institute of Slovenian Language ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana)
‘BESEDA - a text corpus of Slovenian’
Doug Sandle (Leeds Metropolitan University)
‘The Axis database of contemporary visual artists and its application as a teaching and research resource.’
Matthew Brook O'Donnell (University of Surrey Roehampton)
‘OpenText: What Can Corpus-Based Projects Learn from the Open-Source Software Movement?’


Civic Reception Sheffield City Hall

Tuesday 12 September


5.1: Room: Music Room
Electronic Texts and Encoding
Chair: Harold Short
5.2: Room: TV Room 2
Images & Culture
Chair: Joanne Lomax Smith
5.3: Room: JCR
Evaluation and User Needs
Chair: Jean Anderson
5.4: Room: Conference Room 1
Radio and Television Studies
Chair: Matt Holland

Paul Caton (Scholarly Technology Group, Brown University)
‘Text Encoding and the New English Department’

Catherine Moriarty (Design History Research Centre Archives, University of Brighton)
Image or Object? Understanding Photography in a Digital Age’

Michael Jubb (Arts & Humanities Research Board)
'The Funding of Research Involving the Use of Digital Technologies'

Hugh Chignell (Bournemouth University)
‘Radio Studies’

Peter Robinson (De Montfort University)
Widening the Audience for Textual Scholarship’

'Visual and drawn evidence: resources for the academic in the digital age'

Patricia Whatley (University of Dundee)
The Drawn Evidence: Scotland's Development through its Architectural Drawings from Industrialisation to the Millennium, 1780-2000'

Norman Reid (University of St Andrews)
'The Visual Evidence: the Photographic Presentation of Landscape and People’

Katherine Fenton (University of Leeds)
‘Digitisation Issues at the Leeds Electronic Text Centre’
Matt Holland (Bournemouth University)
‘Case Study: Analysis Online a database for BBC Radio 4 Analysis a current affairs series’
Karen de Wet (University of Pretoria)
‘Hypermedia and literary interpretation: inviting interaction with poems in the design and construction of a digital library for Afrikaans poetry’

Alastair Dunning (AHDS Executive)
'Reviewing Digitisation: Reflections on AHDS Case Studies'

Julia McCain (Bournemouth University)
Creation of a Resource Case Study: a database for THIS WEEK television series’


Tea and Coffee


6.1: Room: JCR
Text and Theory: Modern Languages Projects in the Humanities Research Institute
Chair: Michael Pidd
6.2: Room: TV Room 2
Digital Film
Chair: Catherine Owen

6.3: Room: Music Room
Panel Session: MALIBU Project
Chair: Marilyn Deegan

6.4: Room: Conference Room 1
Spatial Data and Visualisation
Chair: William Kilbride
Alain Goulet and David Walker (University of Sheffield)
'Classification without Teleology: How Can IT Help us Deal with Preliminary Fragments in a Genetic Edition?'
Anna Soutar (University of Auckland)
‘The moving image in architecture’

'Travels in an unfamiliar land - navigating the humanities information landscape'

Jessie Hey and Wendy Hall (University of Southampton)
'Expanding horizons in the hybrid library: the Development of a Global Information Gathering Agent (GIGA)'

Ann Lees and Astrid Wissenburg (Kings College London)
'Signposts and pathfinders'

Mike Cave, Marilyn Deegan, and Louise Heinink (University of Oxford)
'Many-headed monsters: the Refugee Studies Centre collections as an example of copyright issues in the hybrid library'

Cressida Chappell (History Data Service) and David Medyckyj-Scott (EDINA)
‘Improving Access to Geo-spatial Data: Two Feasibility Studies into the Provision of a Gazetteer Service and a Geo-spatial Portal’

Rhian Davies (University of Sheffield)
'Towards the Modern Reader: The Uses of IT in Editing the Novels of Benito Pérez Galdós'
Murray Weston and Luke McKernan (British Universities Film & Video Council)
‘The British Universities Newsreel Project Database’
Melissa M. Terras (University of Oxford)
‘Introducing VISTA: Visualisation Standards in Archaeology and the Humanities’
Craig Brandist and David Shepherd (University of Sheffield)
'Boundaries and Filters: Editorial and Architectural Problems With Liminal Intellectuals (The Bakhtin Circle)'
Barry Smith (Nottingham Trent University)
'The Digital Performance Archive'
Ian Pickering (The Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art)
‘The St Avit and Sheldonian Projects’




7.1: Room: Music Room
Arts & Humanities Data Service
Chair: Sheila Anderson
7.2: Room: TV Room 2
Panel Session: JISC Image Digitization Initiative
Chair: Marilyn Deegan
7.3: Room: Conference Room 1
Chair: Hamish Cunningham
7.4: Room: JCR
Panel Session: 'Digital Resources at Sheffield Hallam University’
Chair: Lisa Hopkins

Michael Popham (Oxford Text Archive)
'Library or Archive? Selection and collection from the digital intellectual record by the Oxford Text Archive'

'JISC Image Digitization Initiative (JIDI): The Pain and Pleasure of a Multi-Partner, Multi-Format Digitization Project'

Skip Cox (University of Bristol)
Marilyn Deegan
(University of Oxford)

Hamish Cunningham (University of Sheffield)
'Software Architecture for Humanities Language Resourses'

Mick Worboys (Sheffield Hallam University)
'The Use of the Internet to Promote Research on Non-canonical Literature: Corvey Women Writers on the Web; an Electronic Guide 1796-1834'

Catherine Owen (Performing Arts Data Service)
Meeting the Challenge of Film Research in the Digital Age Research’
Paul Clough (University of Sheffield)
'Measuring the re-use of text between the Press Association and British newspapers'
Steven Earnshaw (Sheffield Hallam University)
'Digital Dissemination'
William Kilbride (Archaeology Data Service)
Joining Up Archaeology’
Wim Peters (University of Sheffield)
'The EuroWordNet Project'
Lisa Hopkins (Sheffield Hallam University)
'Early Modern Literary Studies: Future Developments'


Tea and Coffee/ Poster Sessions

Nicki Brookes and Laura Regan (Wolverhampton Art Gallery)
‘Out of Darkness’

Tom Costa (University of Virginia's College at Wise)
‘Digitising Runaway Slave Ads’

Helen Williams (Napier University)
‘Opening the Gate: Multimedia history’

Ian Gunn (Napier University, Edinburgh)
‘On the Internet and a Shoestring’

Christian-Emil Ore (University of Oslo)
'The National Database Project of Norwegian University Museums: The Museum Project'


Closing Plenary

Chair: David Shepherd, Bakhtin Centre, University of Sheffield

Yorick Wilks* (Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield), 'The Ownership of Electronic Text'

Closing ceremony

7.00 - midnight

Reception and Conference Dinner at Cutlers Hall

Wednesday 13 September

9.00-12.00 Trips to Haddon Hall and Chatsworth House